Abbys Dream (2022)

Illustrated childrens book

A modern fairy tale about the power of one's own thoughts - with the philosophical question: "Who is holding me?" or "What is holding me up?". As if by an invisible hand, the aesthetics of the pictures cast a spell over us and take us into a world of its own, full of magic and illusion.

Based on our game " A Juggler's Tale" and narrated by New York Times bestselling author Laurel Snyder, published by the lovely people at Mixtvision.

A Juggler's Tale (2021)

Cinematic puzzle platformer

Lead Abby the string puppet through a bruised, but beautiful world in this poetic adventure. Solve riddles, evade traps, and shake off pursuers on your way to find freedom. Can Abby take control of her own fate and make a difference with all the strings attached?

Benu (2016)

Animated short

In a mixture of 3D animation and real paper worlds, this animated short tells the story of a friendly deer family. But the peace is disturbed in the night when a forest fire breaks out and the animals have to flee from the flames.

The paper world turns into a burning nightmare.

Benu was selected at over 30 film festivals around the world and won several awards

Wonderful World (2018)

The next-level augmented reality sandbox.

"Wonderful World" is a multiplayer game installation - players have to fill up the dark, digital world with beautiful nature. This is done by capturing floating nature fragments with the shadow of your hand and collecting them in small sand pits.

The game brings haptical augmented reality gameplay to the next level: Ultra fast interaction feedback, intuitive controls and great visuals make this sandbox game a magical experience that thousands of players enjoyed at events all over europe.